Planting seeds with kids

Welcome to the first post of my blog! I couldn’t figure out what to begin with. I had all these great ideas… Calendars of activities in Annapolis… Dig deep into the soul of the blog and figure out widgets and what not…
But as usual I got a little off track. I started thinking about the seeds I planted with my kids. For $2 I picked up 8 packages of seeds at the dollar store. 4 kinds of flowers, some cherry tomatoes, bell peppers plus basil and cilantro. Add in the $1.70 or so for the reusable seed starter containers and I spent the $4.50 for the good seed starter soil. All told the investment was less than $10.
Spent one night with the kids setting everything up and getting their little 4 and 6 year-old fingers dirty. We talked about the different sizes and shapes of the seeds. We tried to guess the color and texture of the next seeds in the packet I was about to open. We wondered which would be the first to sprout.
And each morning small feet went to check to see if anything grew. My littlest wishing that the seeds would hurry up. Surprisingly enough, she was rewarded by day 5 went the first evidence of green sprouted through. After that frequent checks were made and then shouts of “hurry up you need to see this” as another new shoot broke through.
For less than $10 and about an hour of time, we were learning life lessons. We noticed diversity among the seeds. We recognized that the size of the seed didn’t necessarily reflect what the eventual size of the plant would be.
We learned patience. No amount of wishing or cajoling was going to get that seed to sprout any sooner than when it was ready. We accepted stewardship. It was our responsibly to give the plants what they needed until they went outside. Water, but not too much. Protection from the cat and dog.
And after all that we got to see the reward of a small miracle. A living thing – growing right before our eyes.
Not a bad way to spend $10 and an hour.

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  1. erick480 says:

    Nice Job. I’m looking forward to what else you are going to put up on this site.

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