Zagat Rated

So I can’t think of Zagat’s without hearing the Chris Farley and Adam Sandler sketch on Saturday Night Live in my head.  But not too long ago, I started following Zagat on twitter. I’m a slight foodie and love trying new places.  Luckily for me Annapolis and DC both have plenty of great spots to explore.

When I got a little bored this weekend, I remembered a tweet I saw recently from Zagat’s:

Vote in our DC/Baltimore Restaurants Survey for a chance to win dinner at your favorite restaurant ($300 value) —

A chance to rave about my favorite places and a chance to win dinner at my favorite place? Oh sure why not – plus it was an opportunity to have fun with writing. So if you’re feeling a little bored and want to have a little fun between now and 3/25. Give it a shot – and if you win, take me with you 🙂

And if you’re looking for a giggle instead:

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