Spring Cleaning…for the cause

This really doesn’t fit in the category of exciting things to do so much as you are probably bored out of your mind and it’s a task you must do.
Some people get a high off of organizing and cleaning out closets, like Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. I’d like to say I’m one of those people. But I probably fit more into the best intentions category. I bought the nice wood hangers from Ikea, no wire or plastic obstructing my view. I have the nesting skirt hangers so as to save space. My clothes are divided into two seasons. In theory, my closet should be a sight of beauty and organization. In theory.
And now spring is teasing us with extra warm temperatures, so my Saturday project is the switching from winter to summer wardrobe. In this process, I need to purge the closet. And I’m struggling with motivation to purge.
Then I checked my email, and found a request from the Light House program’s clothing closet.

Hello Volunteers!

Happy Spring!! We are in need of Spring career clothing donations. Here are the items that are needed:

For Women:

Skirts, Dress Pants, Shirts/Blouses, Jeans, Shoes, Bras and Unopened packages of underwear

For Men:

Khakis, Collared Shirts (including polo), Jeans, Work Boots, Shoes and Unopened Packages of Underwear

Donations will be accepted only on the first and third Saturdays of each month, from 9am to Noon


We are also in need of volunteers to process clothing donations on those Saturdays from 8:45am to noon. If you are available to help, please contact me to be scheduled.

If you are looking for something to do on Mondays from 10am to 12pm, then come join our lunch time crew of volunteers. We could certainly use the help, if you are available. Please email or call me to schedule an orientation and training session.

So those cute clothes I bought on sale, with the tags hanging on them, are challenging me to do something with them. What I have that they need, I’ll take over to Light House. The rest I need to do more a little more thinking about. Do I try a consignment shop? Do I donate to Goodwill or another place that needs donations? Even though I’ve tried consignment with the kids’ clothes, I’ve always donated my clothes in the past. And with the tax returns just recently finished, I’m reminded there is an added benefit to donating.

Either way, the first step is putting the closet on a diet today. And if you are one of the ‘Gretchin Rubin’s of the world – feel free to come visit me!!!!

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