Roller skates and theatre under the stars

So for today’s Annapolis fun – the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre tickets go on sale today. And for anyone who harbors a belief that Annapolis is a little too uptight, you probably need to check this little theatre out.
Right at Ego Alley, the building in the process of being fully restored with the most recent addition being a new roof. Now a new roof on a theatre that’s under the stars sounds a little mixed up but you can be grateful for that roof for the intermission potty break.
The three shows for this year are: Anything Goes, Avenue Q and Xanadu. Knowing the size of the stage, the curiosity if how they are going to be up there on roller skates in enough to make you want to check it out and If last year’s shows are any indication, these will be amazing. I was lucky enough to see Chicago, the marvelous wonderettes and hairspray. So how did I discover this little corner of fun in Annapolis. A repost on Facebook said they were looking for volunteers. So I signed up to be an usher once for each show.
And so I now lead into my “you should volunteer” speech. Why should you volunteer? Noble reason: they are a non-profit and you are helping contribute to the arts. Selfish reason: you get to watch the show for free. Hilarious reason: I had the best time having sweet older gentlemen winking at me. Seriously as always in this town, I had fun co-volunteers, my job wasn’t too hard at all (take tickets, had out playbills and help find seats) and my reward was enjoying talented performers under an open sky.
If you’re considering buying tickets I highly recommend it. And fancy ladies who brave the brick streets of downtown in your heels, the floor of the theatre is rocks and stones, so ditch those stilettos before you go in.

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