Creatively Different: The Facebook cover design, a movie poster and a logo

So I’m on this bit of a bend to update the main page photo on this blog and my Facebook page. For all my strides in learning Photoshop Elements, I’ve yet to claim success. But I am having fun playing with all the aspects of colors, shapes and arrangement on the 851 by 315 pixel area.

But what has shown up on my Facebook page (if not my new cover image) the past couple days are two opportunities to show a creative side. Now these chances to further play and help out two great causes are outside of my realm but do you have an artistic side that needs expressing?

The first chance is to design a movie poster for the independent film One Simple Question. I’ve met Teresa Carey and her story is a fascinating tale of sailing and choosing to live, well off the beaten path sounds like a poor metaphor for sailors but it kind of works. Check out her blog, Sailing Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness. The last day to submit is April 20 but even if you aren’t submitting you can still vote on submissions in May.

The other opportunity involves the Eastport A Rockin’ music festival. My love of local music lives strong and these folks are need a logo for this year’s June 23 show. All the details are on their website and the contest closes at midnight on April 15 (so you can still have one more day to finish your taxes).  And of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention, they are also looking for volunteers to help run things.

So why not take a stab at one or both of these opportunities to create? No prior experience required and if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at graphic design, you’ve got nothing to lose. And these two contests gain talented submissions.

And maybe while you’re at it – throw a few design ideas my way too 🙂

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