Never bored with a good book

Hi my name is Angela, and I’m addicted to books. And if you’re bothering to read this blog, I suspect you may suffer from this affliction. Key symptoms may include: ownership of more than one IKEA billy bookcase (or a husband who has been requested to build more than one bookcase), memorized library card number but still have to check phone contacts for best friend’s phone number, a goodreads account to track books you have read and want to read, trips to bookstores aren’t quick and you can easily blow past $25 on amazon for free shipping.
Yesterday on my lunch break, I treated myself to a trip into Second Story books and debated if I really needed a $2 copy of a Maureen Orth book. So my reward for being frugal and semi-reasonable yesterday is to head to the Annapolis Book Festival today. While they are celebrating their tenth year, this will be my first trip. This afternoon I’ll happily be wandering around as authors discuss their work, and attempting to not need another trip to IKEA as I fight the urge to give a new home to too many books.

Which reminds me, I do have to slim down my book collection. In the past, I’ve taken then to my local used book store and regaled in the buying credit opportunity but I need to do more research to figure out who in Annapolis takes in used books.
I’ve never tried it myself but have heard good things about as a good way to get new reads. Also, there are chances to be philanthropical and maybe donate them to a library or local non-profit. This method also helps me find new bookshelf space (or at least frees up the space to get the books piled up on my desk off my desk).
Watching my kids last week proudly pick out chapter books to read from the library was a great moment of mommy pride but also a great thrill to know the love of reading has been passed on. So maybe for that I think I’ll reward them and me with a few new paper based friends. And then force myself to go to IKEA for more book cases 🙂

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2 Responses to Never bored with a good book

  1. Jaclyn Holmes says:

    Have you ever been to Book Thing in Baltimore? Amazing! Check it out.

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