Maryland Wine Week!

Serendipity is a moment of unexpected discovery.  So a place like the Annapolis Arts and Craft Festival shouldn’t be place to have unexpected discoveries.  It’s a place that you can excitedly expect new discoveries as you wander into some new art, like the one that I found that was all done with fabric (the picture on the screen cannot do it justice),

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

or jewelry, like this piece that has definitely caught my eye…

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Unfortunately, my schedule only allowed for an hour of exploring and that included the surprising size of the wine tasting tent.  Now I’m not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination.  My wine requests usually involve the phrase “the sweetest that you have available” but I did take a moment to sample one or two local wines.

And here’s where serendipity struck – were you unaware as I was that we are in the midst of Maryland Wine Week.  No kidding, how did I not have this on my calendar before!!!  I feel that I cannot underestimate what I can do for this cause 🙂

But in all seriousness, the idea is promote local wineries, and while I’m not real familar with all the local wineries, I do know that I can’t help but want to support local businesses.  Somewhere in my past I’ve enjoyed a few of the ones that have come out of my home county of Calvert (yes indeed, good ol’ Calvert County has at least 5), and by a reliable and knowledgable source I’ve heard good things about Black Ankle Wines out of Frederick.  If you’ve lived anywhere near the Eastern Shore and haven’t heard about St. Michael’s Winery then I’d have to say I’m surprised.

Maryland is so full of good stuff, and by this map way more wineries than I would have imagined.  So folks, work that sense of Maryland pride, support local businesses, and encourage your friends to do so (safely and responsibly of course).

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