This week – The Buy Local Challenge

At this point I probably don’t have to give you all the reasons for buying local food.  I mean you already know it helps the local economy, small businesses that need our support.  It’s not hard to figure out it’s better for the environment – less energy wasted on transportation. You are already aware that the fresher, less processed, less chemicals and you know where it came from fruits and veggies are all around just in general better.

Maybe what you didn’t know is that this week is Buy Local Challenge week.   It’s really rather simple – go to and join in with those who are committing to eating local this week.  Not that hard is it?

So says I before I’ve dragged two kids to the new farmers market on Chinquapin Round Rd. 🙂  But it’s time for me to reconnect these two with where their food is coming from – and I don’t mean a drive thru window.  Most of us are part of generations where all foods of all kinds are pretty much available year round and we need to remember that’s not how real food really works.

Maybe you’ve already seen the infographics from showing what’s available when.  But for more local information – check out these two pages to see what’s specific to Marylanders.  (pick your own – I see an activity with the kids just waiting to happen…)

Changing our eating habits is tough (so says the lady who is promising to give up caffeine and carbs after August 16th) but it starts with more conscious eating – and maybe accepting a challenge.  Go visit Chesapeake’s Bounty, Diehls, Big Diehls, the 15 or so stands on 50 along the Eastern Shore or the seemingly countless other farmer’s stands that dot the local area – do it today!

season fruit chart from

seasonal veggie chart from

Seasonal Herb chart from

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