Back To School – and trying not to skip Gym Class

So I’m prepped and ready to go back to school this fall after taking the summer off.  Books have arrived for my two fall courses, notebooks and folders are all set.  I was going to post a challenge for the grown-ups out there to find a class or course of their own this fall, but Bay Weekly did a great job of that already.  Get out there and do something for yourself.  Expand your mind, your horizons, check off a bucket list item.  Do it while the fall air inspires you to find something new to learn.

In case you missed it, I love school. As evidenced by an AA, 2 BAs and now headed for an Masters – I like learning new things.  I typically did well in school.  But back in the day – not so much for gym class.  Hated gym.  HATED gym.  I’m small, slow and uncoordinated (guaranteed last pick for any team).  I took violin in middle school because the lessons took up one of my gym classes a week.  In high school, I forged notes to get out of it.  I’m that girl the gym teacher was always yelling at to pay attention and move faster – the one she just ended up shaking her head at, probably grateful that she didn’t have to write up an injury report.

So here’s my challenge for myself.  Since I’m back in school now as a much more mature person – I can’t skip gym class.  I have no excuses – well actually I have lots – long commute, plenty of work, tons of school work, lots of books that are on my goodreads list to be read, and being a mom and everything else.  But I do have a 24 hour gym membership – and a pinterest board that has plenty of inspiration.  So my first challenge of the semester is this one for September –

So far – Day 1 was 10.  Simple excuse – I found this late in the day and had already exercised.

Day 2 – 25.  But I’m combining it with weights…

Here’s the important part for me. Making it to a less lame number on Days 3-30.  I am going to keep with it!!

On top of this – I’m going to try for my first 5k.  I’m not a runner. I have never had a runner’s high.  I really wish I could appreciate running but it’s kind of like beer to me. I just haven’t found a run I like and the ones closest to it aren’t really considered runs by people who appreciate running.

So while the treadmills at the gym and I are not friends but we’re going to have to make nice here soon.  Fall has offered up several chances to run (can we just call it jog?) a 5k.  And as always I’m going to have to note – it’s actually a way to volunteer.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself for encouragement.  Checking out sites like and you can find the individuals teams that are raising money for Fisher House, the Anne Arundel volunteer fire department, the Light House Shelter in Annapolis, Calvert Memorial Hospital Breast Cancer 5k run/walk and the list will keep going.

There’s my motivator – along with a good friend – I’m going to try a different way of volunteering that’s also good for me.  Running playlists are being created, training apps are being downloaded.   Back to school doesn’t mean I get a free-pass to spend all my time in the classroom.  Oh and if you’re not a runner (like me), check into being a volunteer for a local race – in the words of Principal McGee “if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.”

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