One more thing about voting…

One more thing about voting is I’m beyond bored of political ads.  Like everyone else I’m sick to death of them.  So why would I bother with a post about voting?

Either you have already stood in long lines for to vote, will be joining the crowds tomorrow or won’t be bothering.  If you’ve already voted – thank you and sorry for your continued ad overdose suffering.  If you’re planning to get your super cool sticker tomorrow – I’m jealous, I didn’t get mine.

If you’ve already decided not to vote tomorrow – I realize that there is nothing I can do to convince you to go.  You’ve already been told that people have sacrificed for your right to vote – that people in some parts of the world are dying to have the luxury.  I could go for the small benefits of the sticker and showing it off at a local eatery to get free food, drinks or reduced happy hour prices but that’s not going to work either to convince you to vote.

But I will share this random thought with you.  Something that occurred to me today.  My vote is done and it counted.  And guess what – it counted as much as anyone else’s.  It counts as much as the rich guy in the lexus that couldn’t figure out how to drive rush hour in the dark.  My vote counts – and it doesn’t matter what my GPA is, my bank account balance, my height, my weight, my hair color, my car, my gender, my race even whether I’m registered as democrat, republican or independent.

For a single day – for this limited time – every person is about as equal as we can possibly get. Amazing.  Yeah, I just got a little misty eyed thinking about how cool it is that this drawn out, over-acted, way-too-close-to-reality-tv election is really actually about the fairness of how each person’s vote makes a difference.

Ok – enough of that… if you’re voting tomorrow – I suggest that you take some time to find a sample ballot and know what you’re voting for.  Remember it’s more than just getting some guy in the white house for the next 4 years.  There are libraries and parks awaiting your support.  There are issues of equality on the line.

And take advantage of your local spots who are supporting voters – I know I’ve seen at least half a dozen places listing on facebook from anything to free coffee or tea to a free taco to $1 draft beer.  Hey if you’re going to stand in line for a while, a free perk doesn’t hurt.

For now I’ll join everyone else in rejoicing when the ads, robocalls and endless eyesore of signs and billboards finally stop. Oh and while I’m at it – I beg my fellow communications majors to please, please, please in the next four years to find a better way to handle political campaigns.

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