2013 Resolutions

I’m behind on my resolutions.  As in… it is now January 13th and I have yet to form a single resolution.  Resolution 1 needs to be – be more timely.  Resolution 2 is probably get more organized.  I went to dig out a copy of last year’s goals and resolutions.  I can find files on how to set goals, goal templates, but no sign of last year’s goals. Oh wait there they were on the iphone…

The good news – neither be more timely or get organized made last year’s list.  So they are fresh for this year 🙂  Better news – I also was able to cross off a few items on the “new things to try” list – stand up paddle boarding (which I plan to repeat this summer) and try out sailing.  I wanted to volunteer more at local events and that I did – getting to see the Santa Speedo Run for the first time.

So to start my 2013 resolutions I’m going to combine goals 1 & 2 and make a list of the 5 things I want to do around Annapolis that I’ve never done before.  This required me to a) get my calendar organized and b) get ahead of the game and look up when these activities were occurring.  Look at me – just working those resolutions.  So here are the top 5 activities I will attend for the first time this year

1) Polar Plunge – Last year I attended the Plunge as a volunteer.  This year I will be a plunger. On January 26th, I’m walking into the Bay with 12,000 or so of my closest friends.

2) St. John’s Croquet – I’ve heard over and over again what I lovely time and the hats and the outfits and you really must go… This year, I will – April 20th.

3) Irish Festival – With a maiden name of McLaughlin, I’ve shamed my heritage long enough and this year I will make it to the Irish Festival – July 12th & 13th.

4) Silopanna – All my love of Annapolis music and I’ve never been to Silopanna.  This year it’s gonna happen. – August 10th.

5) Maryland Renaissance Festival – I grew up in Maryland and have lived in Annapolis for the last three years.  Still haven’t gone.  Fixing it this year!!!

There they are – the top 5.  And in the process I started a list of all the other festivals that I’ve been to before and don’t want to miss, like the Key School Book Fair (book lovers rejoicing and uniting) and the Annapolis First Sunday Arts Festivals (by a conspiracy of major proportions I managed to miss every single one of them last year!)

So my typically overbooked calendar is sitting pretty with the festivals and events so far.  Yes – I have managed to already squeeze tight enough activities that a discussion on ziplining (my new semi-crazy activity of choice for 2013) lead to negotiating carefully a single day in April.  Maybe it’s time for resolution number 3 to be get that calendar obsessed OCD checked out…

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1 Response to 2013 Resolutions

  1. erick480 says:

    I really like your resolutions. I would love to see a video of you doing the Polar Plunge!

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