Chances to Show Your Artistic Side

In the midst of my classes and building communications plans based on theories and models, it dawns on me that the thing that’s going to matter most is being creative.  Following all the formulas of “how to make it happen” won’t get me too far without an eye-catching image or a message with a strong hook.

I’m a fan of all things art though my personal capabilities are more limited to pinterest attempts and the occasional instagram filter selection.  So eye-catching images in my personal collection are usually adorable kids and happy artistic accidents (aka pure luck mixed with some digital skills) and my messages – well, let’s just say that this blog is a chance for me to practice (even if it feels like I’ve spent 10,000 hours working on papers).

Still lack of skill isn’t an excuse and I’ve been wanting to put something on here about supporting the arts (besides my constant reminders on volunteering).  And lately my facebook feed seemed to be full of opportunities for the art-minded individual to contribute locally.

Eastport A Rockin‘ is looking for their 2013 logo.  Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre is looking for those to take to the stage for their three shows this summer.  Several photo contests for Maryland environmental groups. Even the kids can get involved with their art skills to bring attention to the Bay and keeping Maryland’s natural beauty.

So I decided to add a page to this blog for Art Opportunities – not opportunities to go and see, but participate in, to do and try.  As these opportunities show up, I’ll try to pass them along to those who are more artistically-abled than myself (namely any one of you and quite likely your child over the age of two).

As I’m trying to figure out how to increase the amount of time I volunteer this year (my goal is 15 more hours than last year), without increasing mileage on my car, I consider it a way to volunteer from the comfort of your own home (and to increase your portfolio, do a good deed, develop your kid'(s’) sense of art…)

Now if I could just find the right filter for this one pic, I might be able to give some of you a run for your money in these photo contests.

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