Yes but I’m popular on Pinterest

Hello, my name is Angela and I’m a Pinterest junkie.  I have multiple boards, overflowing with delicious recipes, fun projects, and quotes (many many many quotes).  I love Pinterest because in the days before Pinterest I spent time with magazines, catalogues, scissors, and good intentions to create a vision board.  Instead I have a notebook jammed with lots of little pieces of paper.  Now I have Pinterest.

It’s on my phone and my ipad so I can repin a pin while I’m waiting somewhere.  And I love that other people are randomly feeding me new ideas. Did I mention that I might be addicted to Pinterest?  Because I am – at least two new recipes a week are coming from this app and there is a steady uptick in my visits to places like Michaels, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby – and it’s about to set off a firestorm of trips to Home Depot and Lowes.  With Pinterest, I can never be bored!

But recently something happened to my Pinterest account – I gained 1800+ followers in less than a week.  I now have more followers on my Pinterest account than the One Campaign.  How this happened is still a mystery to me, but it did give me pause.

Mostly because my settings were all the default.  Send me an email when: someone new starts following me, likes one of my pins, repins a pin, etc.  So guess what happened to my email account with 1800+ new people suddenly joining in.  My precious email account that I fight so hard to keep at zero went bonkers.   And I had to reconsider my Pinterest account.  My precious, lovely Pinterest account.

Part of me was ready to hit delete.  Part of me wondered why I was freaking out – I mean it’s only recipes and pictures of places I’d like to go visit – no harm in that is it?  But it was a wake up call of sorts.  Any time I’m on here – the land of the internet commentary – I’m joining the world of social media.  So while I’m distinctly aware of my Facebook and Twitter security settings, my Pinterest and instagram accounts needed review.  And it only took about 1800 followers to motivate me to do it.

As a comms major, social media is a hot topic.  How to gain followers, how to engage followers, your responsibilities to your followers.  Quite frankly if I knew how I had gained all these followers in one fell swoop, I would be dealing with social media marketing gold.  But I don’t – so instead I took a few cues from my classes and responded to some of my new followers complaints of broken links and decided to adjust the settings to spare my poor email account some pain.  I’m also contemplating how this new-found popularity can be utilized for good – maybe help One Campaign catch up?

However, I’m also looking at all my social media security settings again just for good measure.  And going with the wise advice – if you don’t want certain people to know something, then it has no business on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, FourSquare, WordPress, Tumblr, and whatever new thing pops up while I’m posting this.

Connectivity and sharing of ideas via the web – it will be what makes this next decade amazing.  But to use the old cliche – it’s important not to get run over on the information highway.

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mom-of-two, fan-of-non-profits, can't-sit-still-for-long-kind-of-girl
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