Dipping Dots – Enamel Paint and Ikea Glasses = a Pinterest Project complete!

It’s not my first pinterest project I’ve completed but this one for some reason has me feeling rather proud… and relaxed.

The original pin looks like this to mimic the Anthropologie :

Now here’s what happened – I didn’t go to the original source site to read the instructions.  I was inspired but decided to take my own twist on them and see what happened.  I knew enough that I was going to need glass paint.  Searching high and low on the web the answer to “glass paint” is enamel paint.  Something preferably marked dishwasher safe.

Running at just under $2 a bottle – I wasn’t sure how much to invest in this little experiment.  Low and behold – Hobby Lobby came to my rescue with a small “sampler” kit of enamel paints – at $3 for the Deco Art Americana set.  Now I’m ready to play.

I have been wanting stemless wine glasses for some time now and haven’t picked them up yet.  Given that I wasn’t exactly game to go get something I want and then possibly ruining them, those Ikea glasses I bought months ago and never took out the package became my experiment victims.

Playing around with the various paintbrushes on hand, I was more dot than swooshy with my technique.  I will say that sitting down and hand dotting these glasses is about the most relaxing thing I’ve done in a long time.  Since I needed to wait for the paint to dry each time, the dotting happened over a couple of days.  Then I let them sit, and decided there weren’t enough dots and to do some more.

Then I did the read the instructions on the paint.  If I wanted I could wait 21 days and they would be considered cured or I could wait 48 hours and then let them cure in the oven.  I’ll be honest, even if I’m not completely convinced of the look of the glasses, the amount of time I spent lovingly dotting them, yeah these babies were going into the oven to help bake them on.

So this afternoon, in they went – 350 for 20 minutes.  And then the big test – the dishwasher.  I put them in and said a small prayer because I also knew if that paint was coming off the glasses weren’t likely going to be the only thing that got ruined.  Results – declare it a success!


Simple, easy and the clean up isn’t bad, so I’m thinking the kids will get a chance to design their own set next.

A few new colors and maybe experiment with a different brush technique and momma will get those stemless wine glasses and decorate to her hearts content 🙂

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1 Response to Dipping Dots – Enamel Paint and Ikea Glasses = a Pinterest Project complete!

  1. erick480 says:

    I’m very impressed!

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