Easter Bunny Blues

Dear Easter Bunny,

I got your complaint about the lack of ideas for the baskets this year.  I understand. First, I put a limit on the amount of chocolate filled goodness that can go into Easter, but we found last year’s half-eaten chocolate bunny just recently.  So I’m sure you can understand why.

We’re down to our last year or two with you on the payroll here.  I’m glad you thought the making the egg hunt the focus was a good idea.  I think they have more fun with that part anyway.  But yes it was a little hard for you to find ideas of what to fit in small plastic eggs to have prizes in them to make it a little more interesting.

They’ve gotten bigger and the things that they wish to show up in the basket are getting more, well, outrageous.  I’d like to thank you for the heads up that the neighbor kids are getting those inflatable giant balls that they get into and roll around in.  I appreciate the warning.  I’m preparing my “well maybe a different bunny delivered at their house speech”.

Last year, I spent nearly twice as much on the contents of the baskets.  And I was ready to go overboard this year with new decorations and innovative Pinterest-inspired ways to color the eggs.  But I chilled.  I had to remember that the thing that will stick in their memories will most likely be the smell of vinegar and the fizzing tablets.

And even though they may outgrow you Mr. Bunny, their love of peeps will remain part of traditions long after you’re gone.  So I appreciate your complaints that I forced the scale back of basket contents.  There is something wonderful in the magic of waking up and finding something that wasn’t there before.  There is joy in searching for goodies hidden in their every day world.  My hope is these things will out last the candy and the toys.

Thanks for letting me know your concerns but I want you to know they are looking forward to your visit tonight.  They had off school yesterday and forgot it was Friday so they were so sure you were coming last night. They have the carrots ready (and I’m leaving you some of that veggie dip you like) and the oldest was already warned that Easter Bunnies don’t bring wii u’s and he’s ok with that. The coloring of the eggs is on the schedule for this afternoon – hope you enjoy their works of art (and I hope you don’t mind the smell of vinegar, I’m guessing you’re pretty familiar with it by now).

Good luck tonight and see you next year (hopefully)…

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