My first 5k and the 6 week couch to run prep

I’m not a runner.  I’ve never had a runner’s high.  Well maybe I did once – I was a little dizzy that one time, but I’m pretty sure it was just because I was out of breath.  I hate the treadmill at the gym and am quite happy to find them all in use (oh shucks 😉  My outdoor runs turn into leisurely strolls – Annapolis is a beautiful town after all.

But I’m now 6 weeks away from my first 5k.  Back in December when I signed up for said 5k, I thought I’d have plenty of time to prepare.  And I did… then… Surprise, look it’s now six weeks away.

Here’s the good news – it’s a “fun” run – the DC Color Run – and it’s not timed.  This was a huge selling point for me.  That and it looks like fun.  And I found out about it on pinterest – and pinterest rarely steers me wrong.

Even though I’m a non-fan of running, for some reason I’ve had a goal to run a 5k for the last two years.  I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone I suppose. I signed up for the email list of runs from I’ve managed to come up with every excuse in the books as to why I couldn’t actually do one.

I did sign up for one last year (and couldn’t make it to the run for some reason that morning – maybe I’m thinking it was too cold or too hot or too…)  At least the fee went to a good cause and I relieved my guilt with that thought.

I have friends who run – half marathons, full marathons, plenty of 5 and 10ks.  They look like they are having fun.  I want to have fun.  I want to cross this goal off my list.

So this evening I began researching the couch-to-5k plans – because even if the 5k isn’t timed, I’m not interested in whining 3.1 miles with my friend.  Nor do I plan to embarrass myself and her by not finishing.  It’s time to make a plan…

However, it seems most plans prefer at least 8 if not 9 weeks.  But there are some plans for 6 weeks:

Then being the tech geek I am – I search for apps for my phone – TrainingPeaks, miCoach, 5kRunner, MapMyRun, RunKeeper… the list keeps going.  But these were the ones I installed back when I came up with the goal.  

And tonight I’m trying to remember which of them I liked best.  I do remember that what I loved about at least two of these apps – I can put my own music on and then a nice voice kicks in every few minutes to tell me to walk, jog or run.  5krunner was a limited amount for free before you had to purchase the rest of the plan.  MapMyRun is better for outdoor runners.  Training Peaks is for serious runners/fitness people and have purchasable (some of which are very pricey) plans. So I’m thinking it was miCoach or RunKeeper that I had liked. (BTW – yes, I had all these apps on my phone at one point and I think I still get emails from at least two of these reminding me about new plans – that I promptly delete…)

RunKeeper had a free 8 week plan and miCoach let me customize its 12 week plan to fit into my 6 weeks… (both reminders that waiting til 6 weeks to start preparing is not the best idea) But I’ve got both loaded and will see which one really inspires me to actually run.  They both have me starting tomorrow.  So that just leaves tonight to re-build the music playlists to run to…

Now all I need is an app that will run the race for me 😉

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