Finished my first 5k – Color Run survived, Goal Accomplished!

About six weeks ago, I started preparing for my first 5k – the DC Color Run.  And here’s how that worked out for me.

Advice for preparing to do a 5k.  (Some of this is advice that I got from serious runners and chose to ignore.  Be smarter than I was and heed this advice.)

1) Don’t wait until 6 weeks.  Yeah I know, but at least I did 16 out of the 18 proposed workouts/training session.  I started with a slightly more than 13 minute mile. When I finished the recommended trainings, I was at just under an 11 minute mile.  So every little bit counts.

2) Don’t do it all on the treadmill. Running outside is definitely a different experience.  On the treadmill I was under an 11 minute mile… today at the race, slightly more than 12 minute mile.

3) If you must use the treadmill, change the incline on occasion.  It didn’t dawn on me how grateful I’d be for downhill sections after running up a gravely uphill bit.

Advice for the Color Run:

1) Bring something to sit on for the ride home and make sure it’s nothing you are deeply attached to.  A change of clothes isn’t a bad idea either.


2) Bring your sunglasses – even if it’s cloudy.  The color sticks to everything including eyelashes.

3) Beware the blue.  I was warned by a previous Color Runner – the blue dye likes to stick around.  After some serious scrubbing, I still look like I wrestled with a smurf in a few spots.All in all this was about the most fun doing something I always thought I’d hate doing – running in a race, even an untimed one.  But I had a genuine good time and would definitely do it again. And even though it felt really good to click the checkbox for the goal – run a 5k, I’m getting ambitious. November 9, 2014 is the 10k Across the Bay.  I think giving myself a year and a half is plenty of time to prepare for that one.

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