Mirror, Mirror – a girl and her glue gun – or how I avoided working on a paper

While trying to avoid working on a paper last semester, I ended up going to Home Depot to buy two things.  Only two items – and yet spent nearly an hour in there wandering – and here’s what I learned: Home Depot, Lowes and all the other home improvement stores are now the second worse playground of pinterest.

As I wandered trying to find the two things I was there for, I started looking for potential pinterest projects.  I’ve been needing/wanting a full length mirror and had seen someone take a plain “walmart” mirror and hot glue flowers all over it.  Now I’m not a fake flowers kind of girl but I appreciated the flagrant use of a glue gun.

I found the mirror – $5.  That part was simple.  In my wandering I also found some lovely glass tiles – 1 inch squares – and $5 for the square foot.   12 x 12  =144 tiles.  Mirror was 49 x 13 – so that’s 124 – a quick bit of math says I had enough and then some.  GLUE GUN FUN HERE I COME!!!

$4.99 glass tiles    Mirror, tiles & glue gun - OH MY!

A bottle of cider – a little television background noise and I set to work having a nice quiet mindless Friday night.  The tiles were sticking quiet nicely to the mirror and then I went to finish the first length of the mirror when I noticed something. I was coming up short.  About half of a tile short.  My first thought was to just add the extra tile (I had extras by my math) – and then find a tile cutter at Michaels to adjust it later.

So I kept going – length side two and I started getting concerned – because I should have a lot more tiles left than what I see.  This is where the problems multiplied.  Or more aptly I miss multiplied.  See I assumed my tiles were 12 x 12.  If you look at the picture – it’s 11 x 11.  So instead of 144 – I only had 121.  This would’ve been ok because again my math was wrong (49 + 49 + 11 + 11 = 120).  But to add to the complication, I went by the signage to thinking my mirror was all nice and even inches.  Flipping over the mirror – it was 49 1/2 by 13 1/2 – thus explaining the 1/2 a tile difference…

Now had I been paying attention in the beginning – I could’ve carefully spaced and worked with the issue.  But I didn’t.  So this was my result – one end with an extra half of a tile sticking out and the other side looking like this

IMG_5812IMG_5799 - Version 2

It’s a bit bare in that one corner. Ok a lot bare 😦

The total finished mirror – $11ish with tax – turned out cuter than a plain mirror.  And I’ve hidden the errors at the bottom – so it’s not completely noticeable (this is what I’m convincing myself).

All in all – the idea wasn’t bad but execution needed tweeking.  So here’s my advice should you decide to try it.

1) Measure, measure, measure.  The adage to measure twice, cut once goes into full effect here.  This was the worst of my errors and not easy to fix.

2) Hot glue sticks quickly.  So if you think you can be sloppy about placement and wiggle it around real quick to get it straight – you’re probably wrong.

3) Check how flimsy your mirror is and how heavy your tile is.  I was pretty sure about the weights for both of these together but any tile that would have been heavier and the mirror wouldn’t have made it.

4) Think about how you are going to hang it.  Propping this cheap mirror up against the wall at the wrong angle creates a fun house effect which is fine if you’re looking for decorative only, but can make for a less than stellar self image.

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