The Buy Local Challenge – Do Gooding that Tastes Good

I’m always up for a good challenge.  Especially one that involves food.  Not in that Man Vs. Food kind of way.  Think more like Chopped (the pantry holds boxed Mac n Cheese, a chicken breast and pineapple… now come up with something!) However, this challenge should be a little easier – it’s the Buy Local Challenge week.

Very simple and delicious challenge – each day eat at least one thing grown from a local farm.  As I was sipping my coffee and reading my twitter feed, I was already making a list and searching pinterest for ideas of what to get from Anne Arundel County Farmer’s Market – (thinking something for a nice frittata for brunch).  I might have been grumbling thinking about parking to get to the downtown farmer’s market tomorrow (maybe grumbling about parking, maybe)

But later in the week when I’ve decided to go out and grab a bite – I can still support the challenge by heading to any of my favorite spots that support local farmers – Metropolitan, Wild Orchid, bb bistro, Level, Davis’s Pub and there’s plenty more.

So while my menu plans are starting to shape up – corn chowder, sautéed zucchini, maybe a little cucumber water – the farmer’s market list is growing.  Quiet frankly this may be the easiest food challenge yet.  Delicious food and doing the right thing to support local farmers – I think I got this one 🙂

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