Good Bye Summer

Here it is – I have to admit summer is gone. The kids have gone back to school and I’m two weeks into my own fall semester. I saw the sign – it was in the store and it was advertising Halloween costumes. And I sadly lament – where did all that time go???

Countless loads of towels in the laundry say we had fun at the beach and the pool. But I fight the end of summer every year. I go into it kicking and screaming.  After the near-90 temps of last week, and that last final dip in the pool, it was harder than ever to surrender.

There were a few things we missed out on that I think I can still make happen even if summer is gone:

– swim lessons – for them and for me as they are now better swimmers than I am.  Thank goodness for indoor pools.

– making homemade ice cream – I’m sure I can work some pumpkin into a recipe somehow and call it a fall activity (or maybe some mint chip for winter)

Not to bad for checking off the summer to do wish list I suppose. In the mean time, it’s time to pack up the pool and beach gear and gasp, put on “real” shoes again.  So while the kids asked for hot chocolate and are ready to make apple pies with apples picked from the orchard, I’m still looking longingly at the flip flops.

In my best attempt to get over it, I decided the best way to accept the end of summer by registering for the Polar Plunge 2014   I figure it at least means I’ll be back in the water sooner rather than later, even if it will be about 37 degrees.

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