Double or Nothing – upping the ante to 10k

As a kid, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge meant summer time and a trip to the beach.  The view from the top is still something that can bring on a smile, even in traffic.  So when the chance to get that spectacular view on foot, I had to sign up.

In years past there was a walk that crossed the bridge, but sadly the walk for 2013 was cancelled.  But not long after I successfully finished my first fun 5k, I heard about the Across the Bay 10k.

Logo - 10k Across the Bay

And with that I took my opportunity and signed up.  3 months ago I went ahead and did early registration.  Excited to have finished a 5k and contented to know that I had over a year to get ready.  I’m still not a runner by any stretch of the imagination (yesterday I may have made my best time ever – my mapmyrun app failed me so I’ll just assume I did based on a clock and well I just want to believe it).  If you want to know what one really looks like – check out my friend’s facebook page as she has just finished her first marathon and will be doing her second this weekend. (which just leads me to the question – if there’s a runner’s high, at what level do you get runner’s stoned?)

Still if you’re looking for a new challenge (someone was kind enough recently to note the lovely incline of the bridge) and a beautiful view – go check out the Across the Bay 10k.  The nice folks setting up the race were kind enough to share some discount codes with us (ABBANGELAW) that are good for 10% registration through the end of October.  It’s a year away, you only have to be able to pace a 19 minute mile, and it will support 6 charities.  So sign up – be part of Bay Bridge history 🙂

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