Maryland Polar Plunge – 2nd Time Around

It’s been a chilly start to 2014.  You’d think with all this time spent inside I’d have all my goals and New Year’s resolutions set.  Not even close.  I’ve downloaded some apps to help build habits.  But yet again I’m stalling on starting.

The holiday season has drained me a bit and my head is still swimming with all the details.  But something inside of me is saying it’s time to do more than a resolution (or twenty).  Maybe it was the slew of traditions from the holidays but there is this urge to re-evaluate how to spend my time.

One thing I’ve decided to make a tradition. The Polar Plunge.  Last year was my first year actually taking the plunge.  And as I’ve been watching the snow fall and the temperatures dip, I’m suspecting that last year let me off easy.

But there’s nothing like 37 degree water and a few thousand crazy people to help clear your head of holiday clutter.  And it’s for a good cause.  Every year money for Maryland Special Olympics comes rushing in – like the plungers back out of the bay.

I’m not sure how to encourage people to take part in this event. “Hey want to go freeze your body parts off to raise money” – doesn’t seem to work.  A few years ago I was interviewing someone who does an annual plunge into the bay on January 1 to reconnect with mother nature.

I’d like to think my own reasons were that honorable.  Quite frankly, last year was just to prove that I could.  And I did… DSC02614The video I took with the camera I had in my hand makes it very clear the moment I hit the water and it’s hilarious with the sounds of shrieks and laughter.  It was fun – very very cold, but fun.

This year I want to go back and do it again.  See after I plunged I did have a few moments of serenity as I stood in the music tent with the Amish Outlaws belting out in their distinct style. It might have been the wine talking but I was actually feeling pretty good.  There was that sense of accomplishment, challenge accepted and challenge conquered.

And life offers up plenty of challenges but how many of them can you jump into, smile for the camera, and come out with the sideliners asking “how was it”?   Plus with this one, you know that you’ve also helped a Special Olympic athlete enjoy that same satisfaction of taking on a challenge.

Have I convinced you to jump in? Sign up at  Not quite ready to be a plunger – take a moment, find out which of your crazy friends is and sponsor them. Be sure that they send you a picture for proof. Or better yet – go with them and be the official towel holder and photographer.  Encourage a little crazy to usher in the new year.

**Don’t know anyone plunging? Here’s a link to sponsor me –

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