Trying to have a heart for Valentine’s Day

I don’t heart Valentine’s Day.  I don’t ❤ it, like it like it, or even just want to be friends with it.  It’s been a long standing mutual dislike – February 14th and I have never gotten along.  It has always been my personal version of Friday the 13th.  And oh look this year, they are combined.  I’ll take the Friday the 13th, please and thank you.  We can skip the 14th, right?

But I can’t – I have two kids who are sugar loaded and home with boxes filled with pencils, stickers, tattoos and candy all attached to valentines.  So while I’d prefer to be the ultimate combined Grinch and Scrooge of Valentine’s Day, I need to find a better options and take my bah humbug on holiday.

After setting up a few treats for my little loves, here’s what I came up with on ways to celebrate the day without horrible cards, half-wilted flowers and terrible chocolate:

Help Someone Else’s Heart – literally:

– Every beat counts – Sign up for CPR certification – This has been on my to-do list way too long.  And it’s my gift to me this Valentine’s Day 🙂

– Give my heart away – sign up for organ donation.  I did this years ago at the DMV/BMV with my drivers license.  I just did a double check and yup – there’s that telltale heart on my license.

Help Someone Fall in Love

– Donate to a family or organization assisting with adoption.  Look for local groups like this one that help out families with the financial costs of adoption. Or I’m sure somewhere in your Facebook friends list is someone considering adoption or someone they know is considering it.  Run a search in and see if you recognize a name.

So my grinchy Valentine’s heart grew about 1.5 sizes – not too shabby.  Now that I’m done with that – I’m going to take a look into the this whole Galentine’s Day thing – I think it has some promise!!!

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mom-of-two, fan-of-non-profits, can't-sit-still-for-long-kind-of-girl
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