Liberate the Elves! (At least their hands)

Yes yes I’m one of those nutter parents who has adopted an elf and plans some of the more elborate antics of Diamond, our girl elf. Last year she wrapped the toilet in Christmas paper, got into my makeup and gave herself a make over, plus she toilet papered the tree (I think that was the kids favorite)

But the kids are getting bigger and the oldest I’m fairly sure is just going along with a good thing, just in case. The elves are on limited time along with the big guy. So this year needs to be ready to possibly go out with a bang. 

For this to happen – the elves had to get upgraded. So thank you again Pinterest for the much advice on how to liberate the elves.

Most of the instructions are the same. Wire, something to cut the wire with. And Velcro. Or magnets. 

I only went as far as the wire. The Velcro upgrade can be considered later.

It really is quite simple. In theory.

Rip stitches holding hands together. Cut wire. Insert into seam. Trim wire. Viola!

Except for two things. Some of the elves have additional seams at the knees and elbows. And some of the elves are actually “stuffed” with cardboard tubes. Lucky me I had one of each to help.  

As you can see I opted for floral/craft wire doubled over as I had seen in one Pinterest idea. On the upside it was in theory easier to push through the seams. The downside – I’m pretty sure I’m going to wish for something heavy duty. And the green on the wire wore off onto the red and white fabric ever so slightly. Only up close could a child actually notice. I hope.

For the boy elf with his seams – a seam ripper was needed.  It’s suggested to aim for the backside to find a stitch to pull. My other piece of advice – check where the wire is guiding towards. The stuffing is surprisingly thick but you can tell where the wire is.

The cardboard insert did make the girl elf easier to add the wire to. But it also makes it harder to get wire to work and why I’m going to reconsider the gauge of wire for her. 

she needs her nails done!

All in all the worst of it was getting past a few tight seams. (A scene from Happy Gilmore might have gone through my head a few times – the hole is your home…) But done with no injuries 🙂


And now there are two happy elves ready for mischief.

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