Reusing Old Ornaments and an Old Frame – The Thrift Store Christmas Decoration

Once upon a time, several years ago – I had a lovely habit of crafting my way through the final weeks of a semester.  With the help of pinterest, I would channel my frustration and urge to procrastinate into something rather pretty.

So this one started with a trip to the thrift stores.  I picked up some old ornaments (cost $.75), an old frame in a gross color ($2).  The usual art supplies were on hand from previous projects: paint pens, acrylic paint, floral wire, glitter glue and the ever popular glue gun.

Step 1 – paint the frame. In this case I painted the frame several times – the previous paint was a pain to cover and the wood was happily soaking in the paint.


Step 2: Find the ornaments and paint pens.  Get inspired.  Draw designs. Get out the glitter glueIMG_7614IMG_7615

Step 3: Decide that the paint needs a boost.  Cover frame with glitter glue.

Step 4: Glue the tops of the ornaments down.  This is important. Skipping this step means broken ornament when the wind blows.

Step 5: Cut ribbon to hang the ornaments from the top of the frame.  Loop ribbon through ornament and hang, securing with glue.

Step 6: I finished mine off with a lovely bow from the dollar store. I removed the original hanging wire and rewired with floral wire. Luckily I’ve had a string of green doors so the wire doesn’t show.


Cautionary advice:

  1. Check your lengths of ribbon so the ornaments aren’t all the same length (oops)
  2. Maybe you’ll consider the use of plastic ornaments.  The old glass ones look great but one was sacrificed to a strong gust of wind before I glued the tops down.
  3. This also doubles as a slight wind chime when the wind blows.  Maybe adding a little felt to the back of the ornaments would make this stop. Or maybe plastic ornaments would be a little less noisy.

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