Festivals, Fairs, and Events – Oh My! Taking on Toledo

Oh look it’s snowing – again. Being as it’s Ohio and January, this is sort of like saying it’s Wednesday. The purpose of Ohio in winter is to be cold, snowy and generally all the reasons to stay inside.

Still there is life outside of winter in Ohio. I’ve heard rumors at least. When I lived in Annapolis, I would take time each year to note the various goings on that I wanted to check out in the upcoming year. Now that I’m in Toledo, I’ve decided to carry forth that tradition.

Presenting…. the Taking on Toledo list


It’s my running list of possible things to do, places to visit, festivals to attend.  I’ve never been a fan of being bored so a few quick google searches and voila! – some things to keep an eye on to do – fun for mom, fun for kids, and less scrambling to try to remember when that thing was that we wanted to do.

No I will not attempt all of them – if I get to even half I’ll be surprised. But at least I’ve got a list to check back on and update each year to keep trying new things.

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mom-of-two, fan-of-non-profits, can't-sit-still-for-long-kind-of-girl
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