DIY Chalk Paint Attempt

“You don’t have to prime or sand” – this is where chalk paint got my attention.  I had decided I wanted to try to make a version of this –

Chalk paint looked to be my answer.  On the amazing land of pinterest I found several recipes using unsanded grout, plaster of paris, and even chalk itself.  Some were even nice enough to show some comparison results like this one – and

(side note – calcium carbonate seems to be the new one to try and wasn’t really on the radar when I attempted this)

I had grabbed doors from an old cabinet and some lighting a la Ikea to attempt to make the pin happen. My choice for the chalk paint – though having bought all of the items – was plaster of paris.



Other than a quick wipe down with a wet paper towel, I did NO PREPPING of the surface of the cabinet door (it was dusty from basement storage).  Mixing was pretty easy with the ratio – using inmyownstyles recipe – 3 parts paint, 1 part plaster and water to mix in to get a decent consistency.  The first coat has me squealing with crafter joy.  It covers super well and looks pretty darn good (let’s just ignore the fact that I failed to note the holes in the door and plug them)


Then it’s that dilemma – do I stop here or do I keep going? Not knowing when to say when, I opt for another coat.


With some of the darkness of the wood stain still bleeding through I was pretty pleased all in all with the second coat and merely touched up a few spots.

Things to Note:

  1. This stuff dries faster than the average paint job.
  2. Have on hand disposable materials including: plastic stuff for measuring, sealable container for mixing (as I mentioned – this stuff dries fast!!)
  3. Plaster of paris is way cheaper at the hardware store – but you’re going to have way more than you need
  4. I recommend to get the small sample size paints at Lowes/Home Depot for experimenting with. Catching them even more discounted on the “mixed wrong” rack makes it even more fun.

My uh-oh moments:

  1. discovering that I forgot to plug the holes where the cabinet handles had been
  2. forgetting that I hate the feel and touch of a chalkboard – when the paint was dry it drove me crazy to touch the doors as I have yet to put wax or any other coating on it
  3. when I attempted to mount the lighting (first they ran the wiring through the back, then again when I attempted to figure out the best spot given that the doors had inlay, and finally when I failed to measure the proper length of screws)

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