Tie dying eggs – with actual ties

Once again Pinterest sucked me in for Easter. I’ve been waiting a whole year to try this one. Silk ties and boiled eggs.

Here’s the link to instructions I pretty much followed:

The basics

– silk neckties (I fetched mine for $1 each at goodwill)

– cotton cloth (a tired old pillow case met it’s end)

– a way to tie the cloth on (the twine disappeared…no one is claiming knowledge of said disappearance – so we used floral wire)

– pot of water

– vinegar (she recommended a 1/4 cup, some suggested less which I can’t recommend)

The pitfalls

– dissecting those ties took longer than I planned (I used a seem ripper which now has me realizing I really only needed the bottom of the tie because that’s where it’s wide enough to get a full size square)

– fabric size – she recommended 7 inch squares (others say 5 x 7) – either way I must have mismeasured or the large eggs in Ohio are extra large because I just barely covered a few of them

– fabric placement – I realized it about half way through wrapping that I was doing it wrong – trying to gather all the fabric at the top (narrow point of the egg) because it wasn’t going to transfer the pattern evenly on any part but the bottom. Wrap the egg “sideways” to ensure at least one very lovely pattern. Definitely keep the cloth tight to the egg shell surface.

– fabric selection… I didn’t read all labels carefully… also I chose some lighter color fabrics which I realized quickly that was a mistake. Dark colors transferred much better and ones that I knew were silk.

– boiling time and vinegar… I started my timer when I turned up the heat and I wasn’t great in measuring vinegar which I’m going to suggest might have cost me some brightness on a few patterns

A dark color with a great pattern but couldn’t confirm it was silk

Was excited to see the color transfer onto the cotton

But the egg itself came out quite faded

The final results

Fun and different with varying levels of success 

The paisley remains my favorite

The 3 most successful fabrics were these ones – all double checked to be silk. 

The pale blue surprised me but the pattern does have dark dye in it

Besides the pitfalls – if I were to do this again I would use blown eggs (she mentioned this in her post – and every year I say I should try blown eggs and yet never do). This is mostly for the return on investment of time and that the eggs aren’t edible due to the dye.

But I think next year is my year to try food-based dye. Turmeric and beets and red cabbage – oh my!

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