Universal Resort Food – the good and the gigantic

1) The Lard Lad Donut – mmmm donut – a al Homer Simpson, the giant pink donut was a fan favorite on our trip. A short trip from Kings Cross led us to the land of the Simpsons. The Lard Lad was visible from across the way. For $7 he offered a pink frosted monster donut about the size of a small dinner plate.

We ordered two because one of us wanted a food challenge. He won – but I don’t think he’s looked at another donut in the last 3 weeks. She and I got through maybe a quarter of it. Helpful hint – it does not survive well in a backpack all day.

2) The Cotton Candy – a friend of mine who has an annual pass sent me a message “are you getting them the giant cotton candy?” – and then we found our afternoon walk out of the park through Suessland. Snookers and Snookers in Islands of Adventure is the place to find the biggest cotton candy you’ll ever see.

Yup that’s an adult who’s hidden behind all that cotton candy. It’s made to order so expect to spend a few minutes in awe watching them create these masterpieces. Again for the price of $7-8 each – these are worth the fun 🙂 for the record neither child finished their cotton candy. They will give you a plastic bag to manage the left overs.

3) the giant soft pretzel – this one can be found on Citywalk at the NBC Sports Grill and Brew. Our waitress was kind enough to warn us to start from the bottom for structural integrity. Everything else we ordered from here was great. Extra helpful hint – see if the foozball tables are open. Your dinner table will be an extra round of entertainment while you wait.

In the realm of slightly less over the top food…

4) Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck – nachos

Someone walked past us with those nachos and well they looked delicious and we knocked them back pretty easily.

5) Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, Citywalk

My daughter loved the kids plates. My son loved his burger. And I love the souvenir photos 🙂 It’s a nice sit down experience and going at a later lunch meant we didn’t have to wait.

6) pizza at Red Brick Oven, Citywalk

My son spotted this place on our way into the park and said it needed to be done. One late evening we made it happen. He declared it good pizza. As a general connoisseur – I suggest that’s a a pretty good rating.

7) late lunch at Leaky Cauldron

Our first day was an evening meet up with a local friend – a thousand miles away -at the Leaky Cauldron. Chicken sandwich, mini Shepard’s pie, some chips – oh and the Frozen Butterbeer (a bit sweet for my taste) and Fizzy peach drink that my dear daughter swiped from me. All in all good food and quick service at 4:15 in the afternoon.

8) Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream and Eternelle’s Elixir of Refreshment

Ice cream in Diagon Alley is quite popular and was often packed full when we stopped by. We snuck in at 10 am on our last day to have the place to ourselves. Splurge for a sundae to get a ice cream cup as a souvenir 🙂

Eternelle’s had a spell on us. One that had us buying Gillywater (plain water) and a potion to add to it. Mix the two to get a kool aid/ gatorade flavored drink. Keep the potion container just for fun.

9) the long wait lunch at – Krusty Burger, Cletus’ Chicken Shack – Here’s our worst food experience and only for the wait. My first thought was this is great we can all get food we like in one spot. And then we got in line, to get in line, to get in individual lines. The food was really good – the wait was something like one of the rides.

10) meal plans – I never did quite figure them out totally. It’s one of the extras that I would have considered more if I didn’t have to spend extra time dealing with it.

However, the refillable mug – this was a lovely purchase. For 3 I paid $12.99 each on the first day, then $7.99 each for additional days. The machines were easy – everyone got what they wanted. My daughter even got icee for her refill – although we did need to actually get someone to set us up with that. One of her food fails was missing the chance to get Moose Juice.

Our food fails – we missed our chance to try the Kebabs in Islands of Adventure. And my kids reminded me that they never did get their Cinnabon requests – and me I never got my Starbucks. But all in all there’s lots of food choices and the app is helpful to have filters for quick searches.

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