About me

A few quick things about me and my blog…
My name is Angela and I am a mom-of-two, a full-time program analyst, and a freelance writer. In my downtime I like to read, play with photography and volunteer. As you can guess, I’m usually on the move, in the middle of three projects, two books…and now a blog of my own.
So what’s this blog about and why on earth did I call it neverbeingbored? I love writing and to be a writer one must write. This blog is going to be about the different ways and things to never be bored. The title is a semi-stolen lyric from the Pet Shop Boys and an observation from folks when I tell them about my life.
With that in mind, this blog is dedicated to the many ways not to be bored. Some of what I’ll post will be the extras from freelance assignments that didn’t necessarily fit. Some will be passing along information from my favorite non-profits. Some will share what’s going on in and around Toledo, Ohio.  I’m a Maryland girl transplanted in the midwest looking for cool things to do. Most will give you a chance, a reason, an excuse, an opportunity to do something.

To quote Oscar Wilde – “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” My hope is we cease to just exist and find ways to truly live.

To find out more about me chasing down a dream or two – www.writingofAngelaM.net

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